I’m Fonzi Vazquez

I’m a Software Engineer in Test. I love looking for ways to get new testing tools created. There are many projects that I have worked on. Including Enterprise and Personal. Here is my Github. There’s not a lot there yet…

Here, I’ll talk a bit about projects that I’ve done but cannot share code. Well maybe I’ll share some [code snippets]. Obfuscated ofcourse. Or the general theory. I also will write about technology, that I’m currently learning, or what I think will be the next big thing. For example this whole website was written in the xterm terminal. No IDE. Minimal GUI as a matter of fact This is my first real project using Manjaro Linux with i3. Which is a challenge to do on its own. This website is a learning experience for me. For the first time, I’m using a domain-only provider and a separate server. Learning how to deal with DNS is a valuable lesson. Even if it’s not used in my daily job. Along with Nginx. I can appreciate these technologies more now.

I opted to leave this website as minimal as possible. I want to take the journey of making ethical decisions when it comes to software. Yes, that’s right. Some third-party tools are not ethical. A lot of people that set up websites think it’s okay to track visitors because they see websites as a public space such as walking down the street and looking at a building from the outside. However, there are issues with the following someone outside of a building or “tracking” where they came from i.e. another website. Even though I am a single drop in the bucket I do hope that people who may come across this website does read and realize that because of these tools there has been a massive of information given away for free to both corporations and government. I refuse to help that entity. Sadly most people do not realize nor care about privacy and that is fine if they so choose. Look at the basic front page of non-privacy-oriented search engines. Not only does the search engine track you, but every website as result also has non-ethical software. Plus how cool is it to land on a random small website like this one and feel nostalgia on how fast it loads and how little technology it’s needed to make something look nice?

I Live in the United States

I’m looking to leave the cities, and live a more minimal lifestyle as well. Become less dependent of “the system”. This would allow me to become more independent and more reliable on myself. I also want to step away from technology and computing As fast as possible. We are heading down an interesting path when it comes to centralized technologies. Perhaps we will go from the modern large frameworks, back to distributed systems. I have hopes that the blockchain will take care of this eventually. I don’t think centralized technology is good, it’s expensive to keep it running. It’s dangerous to have all the data of in a centralized location. No backups are not enough in my opinion since the data is still centralized in a hard drive somewhere. A single point of failure is not the best when talking about privacy.